Celebrating 13 years since 2009

Reasons to Exhibit at Eastern Print Pack

  • The only event for the Eastern market.
  • Be seen as one of the leading suppliers to the Eastern market along with market of Bangladesh , Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Be part of an expanding market.
  • The opportunity to be seen as bringing knowledge and solutions to a buoyant emerging market.
  • Stay one step ahead of the competition.
  • Kolkata the leading location at the gateway to the India , Bangladesh, Nepal.
  • The chance to meet thousand of serious buyers.
  • We bring the sales leads to you.
  • Network with existing customers and potential partners.
  • A targeted marketing campaign to reach the highest level of visitors.
  • The full support of a professional and experienced exhibition organizing company – DBS.
  • Comprehensive seminar programme with key industry speakers addressing the latest issues.
  • Support from industry associations will be leveraged io make presentations to their members to invite industry buyers.
  • Promotion through participation in key printing 8. packaging industry, including pre and post press machines, digital printing machines, software, paper & ink and other manufacturing industries, trade fairs across South-East Asia and the world-over to extend personalized visitor invites to the Print and Packaging industry.
  • Presentations and personal invitations to members of the print, packaging and media industry and general industry segments across the state, the North-Eastern State, the previously mentioned South-East Asian countries and other major players across the world.
  • Presentations and personal initiations on the show to key industry associations and member associations including All India Federation of Master Printers in India.
  • Over 2.00,000 invitation of the print, packaging and media industry.
  • Direct campaign io attract industry player participating at various print industry shows across India.
  • Personalized information bulletins to end users such as materials managers, purchase managers, commercial managers and packaging development managers from banking, insurance, tele-communication and other end user segments.